Colored Goods

Custom gradient socks for sneakerheads and others alike.


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Starting as a hobby, I started tie dyeing socks to wear during the summer months. As someone who is into sneakers and streetwear, these socks helped me add some flair and uniqueness to my outfits.

After posting the process to my Instagram story I started to get people inquiring about how to buy them. Intrigued, I started taking orders and decided to sell them for a limited time. I ended up selling 50 pairs in a week to friends and referrals to my Instagram.

This was a fun little side project that taught me how hard it is starting something up and doing the work to make it happen. I’ve always liked doing creative work on physical and tactile products so I’d like to do more in the future.


Early tie dye experimentation

First batch of orders

Add personal touch

First pair



First batch

More pairs

Delivery to Toronto

Final box

Brand Poster – RIP to Mac Miller, shoutout to Nasty Nas for the inspiration

Features on social

Other tie dye fun

More than just socks