Identity for Twitch Streamer, Delaxia


Creative Direction

Identity Design

Hand Lettering



Delaxia is a Variety Streamer and a fellow designer at Twitch. I was already a fan of her streams so when she asked for a lettering commission I was ecstatic. We started with a curated mood board and incorporated elements of her style and interests to create the logo.

The biggest challenge was incorporating an emote (:3) and vibrant colors in a cohesive lettering piece. The consistent weight conveys a sense of stability and professionalism, while the wispy curves create a fun and attractive look. Through my design process, we were able to distill her overall vibe into elements that represent her “elegant but derpy” style.


Initial concepts (left) and mooboard by Delaxia (right)

Original sketch for the final product

Both physical and digital media were explored

Emote variants

Details and Theming

Flat version

Zoom into lines and texture – 1

Extruded version

Zoom into lines and texture – 3